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About Evolution Marble Restoration

We are a company dedicated to restoration of Marble, Travertine, Flag Stone, and Granite. Residential and Commercial. Experience supports us, we have more than 15 years in the market, in which we have stood out thanks to the quality of our services, seriousness and professionalism in the work provided and especially in the customer service we offer, which it is five star. We are professional experts in stone restoration, marble polishing, marble polishing services, restore granite countertops and more.

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Los Ángeles - Orange County - Rancho Palos Verdes
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closeup to the hands of a worker holding a polisher on a marble plate
polished marble floor in a living room in the background you can see the supports of a wooden table
floor polishing machine with polishing grout
Grout Cleaning
ceramic tiles in shades of gray and black in the process of being restored in the background, the shiny tiles in front, the ones that need to be restored
limestone wall front view of white beige and brown tones
Stone Restoration
close up of the hands of a worker with a polisher polishing a block of stone
Marble Polishing
polished and rejuvenated granite floor on it the light from the ceiling lights is reflected
Granite Restoration
side view of a marble kitchen countertop being installed and polished by workers with handheld polishing machines
Marble Restoration
closeup of a man in gray and orange gloves using a disc polisher to polish a marble countertop
Marble Polishing Services
empty room with white walls and freshly polished marble floor
Marble Floor Polishing
kitchen counter clean and bright polished and restored
Polishing Marble Countertops
closeup of marble floor cleaning machine with foam under it
Marble Floor Cleaning Services
yellow natural stone wall in perfect condition
Natural Stone Restoration
worker polishing a granite floor with a polishing machine
Granite Polishing Service

We Work On These Stones

Flag stone
Lime Stone
and More

What Makes us Stand Out?

Specialized Expertise
Our technicians are specialists in the field of marble and stone restoration, possessing the knowledge and skills required to handle a diverse range of surfaces and challenges.
State-of-the-Art Equipment
We invest in cutting-edge equipment and technology to deliver precise and efficient restoration services, ensuring the best possible results for your marble and stone surfaces.
Customized Solutions
Every restoration project is unique. We tailor our services to address the specific needs of your surfaces, providing personalized solutions that enhance their beauty and longevity.
Commitment to Excellence
At Evolution Marble Restoration, we are committed to exceeding expectations. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the realm of marble and stone restoration.

Our Marble and Stone Restoration Services

Polishing and Honing

Our skilled technicians employ advanced techniques to polish and hone marble and stone surfaces, restoring their original luster and smoothness. Whether your floors, countertops, or walls need attention, we bring back the shine with precision and care.

Grinding and Leveling

Uneven surfaces and scratches can detract from the beauty of marble and stone. Our grinding and leveling services smooth out imperfections, creating a flawless and uniform appearance across your surfaces.

Stain Removal

Stubborn stains from spills, water, or chemicals can mar the beauty of marble and stone. Our restoration experts utilize specialized stain removal techniques to eliminate discoloration and restore the natural brilliance of your surfaces.

Crack and Chip Repair

Damage to marble and stone, such as cracks or chips, can be expertly repaired by our skilled craftsmen. We use precision techniques and high-quality materials to seamlessly mend imperfections, ensuring a durable and aesthetically pleasing result.

Sealing and Protecting

To safeguard your marble and stone surfaces against future damage, we provide professional sealing services. Our protective sealants shield against stains, moisture, and other environmental factors, extending the life and beauty of your surfaces.

Color Enhancement

Over time, the color of marble and stone may fade. Our color enhancement services bring back the richness of natural hues, revitalizing the aesthetic appeal of your surfaces.

Restoration of Antique Stone

Antique stone surfaces require a delicate touch. Our restoration services for antique marble and stone involve careful cleaning, repair, and preservation to maintain the historical charm and value of these timeless materials.

Marble Cleaning Services

A marble cleaning service requires dedicated work with many steps to provide quality service.

Our team can offer you a complete cleaning, polishing and restoration service.

We Serve in The Following Areas

Orange County, Anaheim, Fullerton, Stanton, Westmisnter, Placencia, Garden Grove, Buena Park, Brea, La Palma, Cypress, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Orange, Tustin, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Fountain Valley, Rancho Palos Verdes, Laguna Miguel, Culver City, Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Monclair, Upland, Pomona, Ontario, Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Corona, Norco, Riverside and more.


Our commitment is with customers

Professional Service
One of our main characteristics is to offer our clients a professional service.
We take each of our jobs very seriously. That's why people continue to recommend us.
Affordable Prices
Our prices are the lowest in the market, proven.
We keep our costs affordable so you don't spend a fortune on outstanding service. We only charge what is fair, no more.
All our services carry a satisfaction guarantee. We want our clients to be completely satisfied with our work.
Our staff receives constant training in order to be at the forefront and only offer you the best.

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